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Why buy a 66 inch round folding table?

66 Inch Round Wood Table

Round folding tables usually come in standard sizes such as 4ft (48"), 5ft (60") and 6ft (72") rounds and are designed to hold 6 people, 8-10 people and 10-12 people respectively. In the last decade, there has emerged another size that has become a popular option for party rental companies and event venues to own-the 66 inch round folding table (5.5 foot round folding table).

66 inch round folding tables are perfect for events because they allow venues to sit 10 people comfortably at the table while fitting more tables in the room because the circumference is 6” less than a 6ft round.

As a former corporate event planner, I was constantly playing the numbers game with the hotel venue we held our annual event at. I had a strict hold on a ballroom that only fit 300 people when the stage, screens and decoration was all set. Problem was...we had a better than estimated registration rate. 66 inch round folding tables could have been the perfect solution for me because it would’ve allowed more people in the venue than a 72" standard ballroom round folding table allows.

Hopefully this short blog post answers the question of what the purpose of a 66 inch round folding table is and why event venues buy them.


How much do appetizer spoons cost in Canada?

Appetizer Spoons

Picture courtesy of Frog Prince Paperie

As a caterer or restaurant, appetizer spoons, also known as porcelain Chinese soup spoons or wonton spoons, are a fantastic way to showcase bite-sized appetizers on your menu. It is a low cost, high impact way to impress your customers. Even better than a paid appetizer is offering an amuse bouche as a value-add to really knock your customers' socks off. If you're starting to think about offering this at your restaurant, or just need an aesthetically pleasing way to showcase your food, you’re probably wondering how much appetizer spoons cost in Canada. We’ve rounded up the average cost of how much appetizer spoons cost in Canada to answer this question for you – so read on!


Appetizer spoons will vary in cost depending on a few factors – shipping, volume (i.e. how many you are ordering), and the material of the product. Appetizer spoons can either be porcelain in material or melamine. I've seen both and it's really a matter of personal preference as both are safe for food use. Melamine will naturally be slightly less weight than porcelain but porcelain can hold food at a cold or hot temperature for longer periods. Porcelain appetizer spoons range in cost from $0.60 to $3.82 each without taxes or shipping. Melamine appetizer spoons range in cost from $0.73 to $2.22 each spoon without taxes or shipping.

Shipping for either porcelain or melamine appetizer spoons would be fairly minimal. As an example, shipping 50 wonton spoons from Toronto, ON to Vancouver, BC would add less than $0.50 per spoon for shipping.

Hopefully this helps you figure out the budget you should be looking in when sourcing appetizer spoons for your restaurant. Let us know below or through our contact form if you have any questions!


Pearl White Dinnerware Back in Stock

Pearl White DinnerwareOur Pearl White Dinnerware line has always been our lowest priced white dinnerware line but we weren't completely happy with the consistency and quality our manufacturer was producing. For those who are new to this blog or our company, consistency of the product and quality of the product is something we constantly strive for. Some would say we can be a little fanatic about it – stress testing our folding tables and event chairs to ensure they are a high quality.

Our customers are some of the biggest and most well-known party rental companies in Canada so we understand the need for porcelain plates that the rental customer will be happy with while also holding up over time allowing for a recoup and potential profit on a rental company's initial investment. But our original manufacturer of Pearl White Dinnerware wasn't holding up to our standards of quality – so we went looking for another manufacturer that could meet them.

I'm pleased to announce we've found another manufacturer that, based on our due diligence, should allow us to offer Pearl White dinnerware to our customers without the flaws that existed previously. What our customers should expect moving forwards is a great value, low cost dinnerware line that allows them to offer their customers white dinnerware to rent for their events.

And I’m also pleased to announce that we’re back in stock on all of the Pearl White Dinnerware set:

  • 10.25" white round dinner plates – Wholesale Price: $1.80 each
  • 9" white round salad plates – Wholesale Price: $1.15 each
  • 7.5" dessert plates – Wholesale Price: $1.05 each
  • 6" side plates – Wholesale Price: $1.00 each
  • Rim Soup Plates – Wholesale Price: $1.75 each
  • 6" Bowls – Wholesale Price: $1.00 each
  • Soup Plate – Wholesale Price: $1.75 each
  • Can Cup and Saucers – Wholesale Price: $1.50 a set
  • Bell Cup and Saucers – Wholesale Price: $1.50 a set

Should you wish to receive a quote for the Pearl White Dinnerware collection including shipping to the location of your choice:


4 Recipes to use in Risotto Bowls

Looking for new specials to offer for the fall / winter season? What about doing a limited time offer special on risotto? Risotto is not only what I would consider an adult comfort food but can be a low cost menu item made wonderful with some white wine and seasonal vegetables.

Risotto Bowls

If you have risotto bowls on hand this is an easy special to consider. Risotto bowls are one of those versatile restaurant dishes that can not only be used for risotto but also for stacked salads or interestingly plated main entrees.

To help get your inspiration juices flowing I’ve rounded up some restaurant-worthy recipes that can be easily featured in a risotto bowl of your choosing. Check them out below:

Risotto with Parmesan Peas by Chef Michael Smith

Parmesan Pea Risotto

Parmesan cheese…farm fresh peas…..white wine…have I got your attention yet? Chef Michael Smith is known for his simple, healthy and fresh cooking style while being a passionate ambassador of the lovely Prince Edward Island and its resources. Risotto with Parmesan Peas is a fresh, delicious risotto worthy of a spotlight on the specials menu as a side or entrée.

Check out the full recipe here.

Sweet Vanilla Risotto with Poached Peaches and Chocolate by Chef Jamie Oliver

Sweet Vanilla Risotto Dessert

A twist on the classic risotto, and similar to a rice pudding, Chef Jamie Oliver once again innovates a risotto into a delectable dessert. Per his website, Jamie states that this recipe "...has to be one of the best rice puddings I've ever made! It's lovely served with the peaches, but you could also use apricots, strawberries or rhubarb."

Check out the full recipe here.

Cheddar Cheese Risotto by Chef Nigella Lawson

Cheddar Cheese Risotto

A grown up and (I’d like to think) sophisticated version of a classic and comforting macaroni and cheese, Chef Nigella Lawson has perfected this fall classic in risotto form. A perfect blend of sharp cheddar and starchy rice, this risotto is relatively easy to make (as far as risottos go!) and would pair perfectly with a delicious white wine.

Check out the full recipe here.

Stacked Caprese Salad by Chef Tyler Florence

Stacked Caprese Salad

Photo source:

A risotto bowl is still a bowl and as such is perfect for stacked salads or a seasoned salmon nestled on a bed of saffron rice. To switch up the recipes and if you don’t already have it on the menu, a stacked Caprese salad makes a great option plated on a risotto bowl. Chef Tyler Florence pairs succulent tomatoes with mild bocconcini cheese with the classic balsamic and olive oil for a simple yet scrumptious special.

Check out the full recipe here.

I hope these recipes spark your creativity in some of the options that exist for warm fall menu specials. And if you need a guinea pig, I also don't mind being the taste tester to your new inventions – just sayin'.

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Why your restaurant should consider offering Amuse Bouche

In a world that expects so much and expects it now, it can be difficult to truly please your customers. Yes great food and great service will help in achieving that end but what if you want to really stand out? Is there anything else can you do? You should consider adding Amuse Bouche to your offering, even if it's just once or twice a month.

Amuse Bouche

To start, what is this "Amuse Bouche" I speak of? Amuse Bouche is French for "Mouth Amuser" and is, by design, the chef's choice of a small bite-sized sample that is given free of charge to entice, excite, and delight your customers. An Amuse Bouche is often a window into the chef’s vision of what their food is.

So why is this right for your restaurant?

When is the last time you received something for free at a restaurant? Was it by chance right after they made a mistake? Maybe they brought out the wrong item, made you wait forever, forgot something you ordered, or maybe they cooked your food incorrectly. Each occurrence was a disappointment followed by a fix which in reality may or may not have actually fixed anything. Now what if you gave your customer’s something for free without it being the solution to a mistake? Well that would be pretty great wouldn't it! When a customer is given something without expectation or of monetary cost to them, more often than not they're so thrilled with the gift it prompts evangelism – making this the first reason you should consider Amuse Bouche.

Try something new

In most restaurants it's not every day that the chef gets to change the menu except when you offer OR limited time offers Amuse Bouche. This is a great opportunity for your chef to showcase future dishes, try something new, expand their creativity and maybe even have some fun! It could even offer your kitchen staff the chance to expand their skills by having one of them offer an amuse bouche of their choosing. Perhaps you even use it as a team building exercise or motivation contest to increase the innovation and drive in the kitchen.

A way to use up small portions

It's not a secret that there's waste that exists in the kitchen of a restaurant. Another reason you could consider utilizing Amuse Bouche offerings in your restaurant is as a way to minimize your food waste. What if you only have a handful of protein, starch and vegetables left over from a limited time offer you've been serving? Your chef can utilize these leftovers to create amuse bouche offerings thus minimizing the food waste.

But why use Amuse Bouche as a way to delight your customers? The White House Office of Consumer Affairs found that it costs businesses of all industries 6-7x more to attract a new customer than to retain an existing one. Despite this fact, only 7% of consumers say that their service experiences with a company exceeded their expectations. Think about that...if you could find an inexpensive way to not only retain but also delight and excite your customers to the point that they generate positive word of mouth for you, why wouldn't you offer Amuse Bouche?

Looking for some serving pieces that may be appropriate for your next amuse bouche? Contact Us for a quote on our amuse bouche offerings such as our porcelain wonton spoons, tasting spoons or stainless steel amuse bouche cutlery.