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Introducing Lids for our Medium and Large Catering Glassware Boxes

We originally brought in Medium and Large Catering Glassware Boxes to fit a wide variety of our glass and crystal stemware (as well as other brands of glass and crystal stemware). When we first started stocking these products, we were told that most party rental companies chose to saran wrap their boxes instead of relying on a lid. This made sense to us as the use of plastic wrap would ensure dust and bugs couldn’t enter the box when the glassware was being stored.

That being said we’ve been getting asked more and more for lids for our catering glassware boxes. Because of that I’m happy to announce we now have lids available in stock.

Lid for Medium Catering Glassware Box

Medium Catering Box with Lid

  • Made of durable polypropylene plastic corrugated material
  • Available in black
  • Ships flat – some assembly required.
  • Fits a box with the measurements 15 7/8” W x 23 7/8” L x 7 ½” H

Lid for Large Catering Glassware Box

Large Catering Box with Lid

  • Made of durable polypropylene plastic corrugated material
  • Available in black
  • Ships flat – some assembly required
  • Fits a box with the measurements 16 3/8" W x 24 3/4" L x 9 1/4" H

If you’re interested in a quote for any of our catering storage boxes for glassware or the associated lids:


How to Assemble a Large Catering Box for Glassware

You will notice before purchasing our Large Catering Box for Glassware that this product does require some assembly. These instructions will walk you through the assembly of the Large Catering Box including what parts you should receive and what tools are and are not required. Below is what the Large Catering Box will look like when you first receive it.

Catering Boxes Parts

What is included:

  • (1x) Main Box
  • (5x) Horizontal Inserts
  • (3x) Vertical Inserts

Tools required:

  • Just your hands

Step 1: Taking (1x) Vertical Insert and (1x) Horizontal Insert and put left slit of the horizontal insert into the top vertical insert slit.

Catering Box Assembling Inserts

Step 2: Push down fully until the top of the horizontal insert is level with the vertical insert.

Catering Box Assembling Inserts 2

Step 3: Pick up the second vertical insert and push it into the middle slit of the horizontal insert.

Catering Box Assembling Inserts 3

Step 4: Pick up the third vertical insert and push it into the last slit on the horizontal insert.

Catering Box Assembling Inserts 4Catering Box Assembling Inserts 5

Step 5: Pick up the remaining horizontal inserts and push them into the remaining 4 slits on the vertical inserts. Your inserts are now complete.

Catering Box Inserts Assembled

Step 6: Put the inserts aside and lay the box out on a table and fold all the pre-scored sections to make them easier to position.

Bending SeamsBending Seams 2Bending Seams 3

Step 7: Fold the two sides of the box vertical and then fold their end flaps perpendicular towards one another.

Assembling End

Step 8: Fold the end side up and over the side end flaps, securing in the two notches at the bottom of the box.

Assembling End 2Assembling End 3

Step 9: Repeat steps 7 and 8 on the other end of the box. Your box is almost complete.

Catering Box Assembled

Step 10: The final step is to put the completed insert into the box.

Catering Box Inserting InsertsCatering Box Inserting Inserts 2

You’re all done. You can now use your catering box to transport and store your glassware.

If you are missing parts, are having problems with assembly or have another question, please contact our customer service representatives at or 1-800-827-8953.

New Volume Pricing for Crystal Glasses and Glassware

Volume Discounts on Crystal and Glass Stemware

Since we rolled out volume discounts for event chairs and banquet tables, our customer base seems to be satisfied with the ability to order larger quantities and receive discounts based on their purchase volume.

So we’ve been listening to our customer’s and reviewing their feedback and one of the things that we seemed to get asked the most was “if I buy more of your Copa 10oz stemmed water glass can I get a discount?” or “if I buy 100 Serenity 12oz Crystal Wine Glasses can I get a discount?” At the time we weren’t at liberty to say yes.

But that has changed. Tuesday, we rolled out volume discount pricing for event tablecloths and now I’m pleased to announce we now have volume pricing for all of our crystal glasses and glassware.

Prices go down based on the number of glasses you choose to purchase.

If you’re interested in a quote for any of our crystal or glass glasses:

How to Transport Stemware

Stemware is a notoriously tricky product to transport when you’re a party rental company or caterer. Because of its delicate nature, and a need to ensure breakage doesn’t occur, finding the best transportation methods when taking glass and crystal stemware offsite to an event is so important. We’ve rounded up the best methods for transporting stemware so you can figure out what method best supports your business needs. Read on to learn more:

Glass Racks

Glass racks come in two different materials – wire and plastic. Wire glass racks similar to Ten Strawberry Street’s below are designed to keep glasses safe when being transferred from one event to the next.

Wire Glass Racks

They are also designed to be used in the dishwasher, so you can store, transport, and wash your glass stemware all in the same unit. They need to be wrapped to avoid contamination of bugs or dust.

Plastic glass racks like the ones below, are also designed for safe transport of glass stemware. They are a little heavier than wire glass racks but provide built in protection against bugs or dust. They are also dishwasher safe so they can go from storage of the glasses to transport to an event to the dishwasher to be washed.

Plastic Glass Racks

Catering Boxes

Cheaper than the wire or plastic glass racks, catering boxes are another option party rental company’s use for transporting stemware. These are lighter than wire glass racks and made of strong, durable polypropylene plastic corrugated material. These will not last as long as wire or plastic glass racks but tend to be almost half the price. They are open to contamination and party rental companies tend to wrap them with saran wrap to ensure dust and bugs don’t get in.

Medium Catering Glassware Box

If you’re interested in a quote including shipping for our catering glassware boxes or plastic glass racks:


Where to Buy Pilsner Glasses in Canada

Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner glasses are a staple for almost all restaurants, pubs and banquet halls that serve a great pilsner lager. They help to reveal the colour, carbonation of a nice pale lager while maintaining the beer head. They’re tall, slender and tapered in appearance and often smaller than a pint (16 fl oz/ 473mL) glass – between 200mL (6.7 fl oz) to 400mL (13.5 fl oz). If you’ve already been buying pilsner glasses then this post isn’t really for you – unless you’re not happy with your current supplier. If you’re in the market to purchase pilsner glasses, one of the most common things ask is where to buy pilsner glasses in Canada?

This post will round up 4 other suppliers besides National Event Supply, who also sell pilsner glasses in Canada.

1. Canadian Restaurant Supply

Based in Kelowna, British Columbia, and founded in 2000, Canadian Restaurant Supply offers commercial foodservice facility planning & design services as well as meeting the day to day equipment, smallware and tableware requirements. They sell Arcoroc®, Libbey® and Strahl® pilsner glasses ranging in volume from 10oz to 14oz.

2. (Hamilton Store Fixtures)

Based in Hamilton, Ontario, is Hamilton Store Fixtures online ecommerce site, selling tableware, bar supplies, equipment, sanitation & safety, and smallwares for more than 80 years. They sell Libbey pilsner glasses in 10.5oz to 15.5oz volumes.

3. Nella Cutlery

Synonymous with restaurant supply in Toronto, Nella Cutlery has two locations serving the greater Toronto Area with food equipment, refrigeration, bar equipment, material handling & storage, espresso machines, smallwares and knives with knife service. They sell Winco pilsner glasses in 12oz or 23oz volumes.

4. Hendrix Restaurant Equipment & Supply

Based in Brockville, Ontario with 10 locations across Canada, Hendrix Restaurant Equipment and Supply sells foodservice equipment, food prep, smallwares, chef knives, tabletop & serving, worktables & shelving, sinks & plumbing, furniture & fixtures, storage & transport, cleaning supplies, textiles & apparel both in their brick and mortar locations as well as online. Hendrix specifically sells Libbey pilsner glasses in 6oz, 10oz, 12oz and 15oz volumes.

Hopefully one of these companies (if not us!) can help you find the pilsner glasses you need.

If you’re interested in a quote for our 12oz standard pilsner glass or 14oz footed pilsner glass: