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Top Special Event News of Interest

With business finally calming down long enough to breathe I thought I would round up some of the most relevant articles that I thought were worth reading. It is so hard for one person to check multiple news and blogs every day, all week so this blog helps to alleviate the need for having to spend a lot of time reviewing the top special event news. Check out the articles below:

7 Tips for Time Management from Caterers for Caterers

This article has some great time management tips from caterers who have already learned the hard way. Though written by a caterer, for other caterers, the advice doesn’t strictly apply to the catering industry and can be used across different industries. Get insight into what works for other caterers and how you can implement these time management tips into your work day.

The Winners of the 2016 BizBash Event Style Awards

Get event inspiration and see some of the best ideas and smartest strategies in events and meetings by looking through the winning events of the 2016 BizBash Event Style Awards. The entries demonstrated innovation, quality of execution, effectiveness and an influential impact on the event and meeting industry.

An Industrial Revolution

The rustic farm décor theme has been a hot trend for years but the latest trends are shifting into industrial-style products. Metal chairs, stools, tables made of stainless steel are being used at a variety of events. They pair well with the rustic farm décor lending to upsell opportunities of a party rental’s existing inventory. Hear what event equipment suppliers and party rental companies are saying about this trend.

A Guided Meditation: A 10-Minute Practice for People Who Think They Can’t

There’s tons of scientific proof how beneficial meditation is towards decreasing stress levels, increasing your focus and attention and improving your memory. We can all use some more of those benefits! The problem with getting into a meditation practice is that there is delayed gratification. You don’t receive an instant rush of pleasure or joy or instantly feel calm which makes it harder to continue or start. I found this 10 minute guided meditation that is for beginners and aptly for people who think they can’t meditate. Enjoy!

Creating a Distinctive Atmosphere for Multiple Events Using One Tent

Tented events often end up looking like the same event when all is said and done. That’s why creating a distinctive atmosphere, or multiple atmospheres can play a key role in the success of using one tent and help it stand out from the crowd.

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Tips to Make the Most of Your Off-Season

The winter season is fast upon us meaning a lot of our special event business is slowing down from the astronomical pace it once was over the summer. While this gives us a chance to take a breather, enjoy a nice vacation and catch up on administrative tasks, it also doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still focus on your business. Here are a number of tips you can utilize to make the most of your off-season:

Research awards and contests to take advantage of in the next year

Before I started working I assumed lists such as Canada’s Best Managed Companies and the Inc 5000 awards were a result of a panel nominating companies – not because of companies themselves submitting applications to be considered. In hindsight, it makes sense – how can a panel possibly weed out what is a best managed company or what is a fast growing company without applications? By researching awards and contests related to your industry, you can get a head start on planning which past or future events you plan to submit. It also gives you time to build in time to work on the submission prior to the award deadline. Being featured on an awards list helps to provide social proof to potential customers that you’re an award-worthy company to work with.

Research bridal/wedding shows to ensure you are on top of the industry events you should exhibit at

New bridal/wedding shows crop up every year – it can be hard to keep track of them when you’re in the trenches of the wedding season. The off-season is a perfect opportunity to catch up and make sure you’re not missing some great opportunities to get in front of your key prospects. Also, it again makes it easier to plan ahead for next year and pre-build your schedule out. (Can you tell I like planning?)


Networking remains an important part of business. You never know who you will run into at industry events and more often than not you meet someone of relevance to your business either to help you grow through education and knowledge or who can pass your information along to someone in need of your services. Events through International Live Events Association, BizBash, Catersource, Special Events, and Canadian Rental Association all can provide you with useful contacts.

Ask for referral business

This one can be uncomfortable for most of us – but referral business is a really good source of business. Make sure you thank the vendors you work with (florists, tent rentals, photographers, caterers etc) and ask them to keep you in mind when they come across a customer in need of whatever your business specialty is – whether it be high end décor with unbeatable service, or creatively arranged flowers. Be prepared to reciprocate by ensuring you have a handle on how each of your connections prefers to run their business. For example, make sure you’re not referring a bride that needs someone who can provide floral arrangements while creatively working with a limited budget to a florist who exclusively deals in extremely large floral budgets. This ensures that the business you refer to them reflects highly on your reputation and makes both your connection and the prospect happy.

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Can a folding table hold 800 pounds?

6ft Fold in Half Table with Weight

We got asked a question that is asked a lot of us (and not a surprising question given our clientele) – can a folding table hold 800 pounds. The short answer is yes, a folding table can hold 800 pounds. The long answer is that yes, a folding table can hold 800 pounds but it depends on the size of table, the manufacturer of the table and oftentimes – the cost of the table. Unfortunately something as seemingly simple as a folding table doesn’t mean all folding tables are the same.

The reason I say it depends on the size of the table is because an 8ft rectangle table has a larger surface area and a more vulnerable middle section that is less supported than a 4ft rectangle table for example.

The manufacturer of the table matters because if a supplier is speccing down the folding table to cost less money (because their market demands it or they want to make more profit margin) this could equate to a lower quality table. Rental Companies generally don’t like to buy folding tables from a big box store like Canadian Tire or Walmart for example as the folding tables from those suppliers are often made for residential, light use – instead of commercial, heavy duty use.

The cost of the table often dictates whether a supplier has specced down the folding table or buying from a lower cost manufacturer that uses thinner steel for the legs, recycled (breakable) plastic for the top, chipboard with wood veneer instead of solid wood for the top etc. When part of your livelihood depends on whether you are renting out a good quality product (and that the product lasts for many rentals allowing you a higher return on your initial investment) it makes sense to take into account that the product you buy is a solid product that can hold a lot of weight.

Here are the folding tables that we sell that can hold 800 lbs:

If you’re interested in a quote for any of our folding tables that can hold 800lbs or more:


How to attach plastic folding table skirting clips

So I had my mind blown yesterday about plastic folding table skirting clips. I assumed that I knew how to attach plastic folding table skirting clips to a table. But you know what they say about assuming…. Turns out I was completely wrong. I would’ve never even thought about there being a right or wrong way to attach skirting clips. However, not only have I been attaching them wrong, but I’ve also been attaching them in a way that can cause them to break! No one wants to have to deal with that.

Because I had my mind blown I thought I wasn’t the only one who may be attaching plastic table skirting clips incorrectly – and thought I’d share the knowledge to stop clip breaking in its tracks. Check it out below. If you already knew this – feel free to take this post as your source of Tuesday entertainment. I feel pretty sheepish right now!

1. Take plastic table skirting clip and ensure the clip is facing with the opening towards the table edge.

Plastic Table Skirting Clips

2. Place the curled bottom underneath the table and move along until it clips into place

Plastic Table Skirting Clips

3. Slide top of the clip over the top of the table edge

Plastic Table Skirting Clips

Plastic Table Skirting Clips

I had been placing the top of the clip over the top of the table edge and then forcing the curled bottom over.

Plastic Table Skirting Clips

Pretty much a broken clip waiting to happen. Hope this little insight helps keep table skirting clips around longer for you!

If you’re interested in a quote for plastic table skirting clips:


We’re Moving on Up

Our New Location

Exciting news everyone! We’re moving on up (to a new warehouse that is). We’re packing up our Mississauga Head Office and warehouse and moving to a new location that will give us more space to grow.

Because we’re growing like crazy.

We needed more elbow room and a larger warehouse gives us the flexibility needed for continued growth over the next several years. Even more important than that, a larger warehouse equates to more event equipment – of the products we already offer as well as the ability to offer even more relevant products to the party rental, foodservice and hospitality sectors.

Don’t worry, we’re not moving too far away. Our new location is only about a 5 minute drive from our current warehouse (directions from old location to new location here) – and only one additional exit off Highway 427. Not only is it close, it’s a lot bigger which is perfect for a growing organization.

As of December 19th, 2016 we will have moved to our new warehouse location at:

3544 Nashua Drive
Mississauga, ON L4V 1L4
Google Map

Moving will begin December 1st to the new location. We will be open for business during this time and working out of our current warehouse at 3280 Caroga Drive, Mississauga, ON. If you’re planning to pick up product or visit our showroom at 3280 Caroga Drive, please call ahead first to 1-800-827-8953 or 905-795-1667 to ensure the product is not already at the new warehouse. We will do our best to make this move as painless for you as possible.

Exciting Things to Come — Thanks To You

The best part of growing, moving, and making announcements like this is knowing it’s all possible because you trust us to provide your company with high quality event equipment. Knowing you stake your company’s reputation (in part) with the products we provide you is always humbling, but a move like this puts the remarkable events of our company’s history into the forefront of our minds. We’re grateful for your continued trust and business and look forward to seeing you at our new warehouse sometime soon!

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