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Does food or wine stain plastic folding tables?

We had a potential customer ask us a question regarding our plastic folding tables which we were 98% sure of the answer – but we weren’t 100%. That doesn’t sit well with us so we decided it was time to test it out. The client asked “Does food or wine stain plastic folding tables?” And from the best of our knowledge it isn’t extremely easy to stain the tables (we did leave a folding table outside for almost a year of Canadian weather) but it can definitely occur – particularly with some of the more difficult stains. So I thought I would test this out – determine whether the answer made sense – and if there was a way to fix the stain once it occurred. Check it out below:

1. I mimicked the spill occurring on the table. I chose Red Wine, Ketchup and Coffee for the stains I would put on the table. The reasoning behind those choices: I thought they would be the most common stains/spills that would occur during a special event.

2. I let the table sit 5 days. Here’s what it looked like after 5 days:

Plastic Table with 3 Stains

3. Then I wiped off the stains to check out the damage.

This picture shows the table after wiping off the coffee. I used water and a paper towel plus my elbow grease.

Cleaning Coffee Stain

Here is the table as I’m wiping off the red wine (again with water and paper towel):

Cleaning Red Wine

And how the “stain” (or lack thereof) looks once complete:


And here is what the ketchup looks like after a cleaning of water and paper towel:

Plastic Tables with Ketchup stain

Ketchup was the only substance that slightly stained the table – I’ve circled the stain in the photo because it is so faint that sometimes I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me.

Hopefully this test provides you the answer you required regarding whether our plastic folding tables stain!

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Does Melamine Serveware Warp in Commercial Dishwashers?

We had an interesting question asked of us that we thought worth answering on our blog. A potential customer asked if our melamine serveware would warp in commercial dishwashers.

For those not familiar with melamine, it is a synthetic resin that is used to form durable, break-resistant dinnerware, serving platters, and serving bowls. Melamine serveware can look almost identical to porcelain or be dyed to look like wood, marble, slate or stone. We specifically choose our melamine serveware to look as close to porcelain as possible – we’ve even had trade show attendees do a double take once they feel it!

Commercial dishwashers are like residential dishwashers on steroids and they often either use sanitation chemicals or higher heat to properly wash dinnerware, serveware, flatware and glassware. It is understandable that a potential customer would have a concern regarding warping in a commercial dishwasher.

Melamine platters or bowls works well in a temperature range of 2°C – 93°C (35.6°F - 200°F). Anywhere below zero degrees melamine platters and bowls will get quite brittle and breakage will more easily occur. A temperature above 200 degrees and warping will more easily occur. Commercial dishwashers work up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit so given Melamine’s wide temperature range you should not have warping issues putting them in your dishwasher.

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New Event Equipment Products on Sale

In case you’re not familiar with our “On Sale Now” section of our website, we have a page devoted to products that we have an overstock of or are looking to clear out of inventory. We have a number of new items either added on Sale or reduced in price that are worth mentioning. Check them out below!

Tan on Tan, Slate Blue on Grey, Royal Blue on Grey Plastic Folding Chairs 

Plastic Folding Chairs on sale
now $14.41 each regardless of volume purchased.

5ft Rectangle Plastic Folding Table

5 Ft Rectangle Plastic Folding Table on Sale
on Sale for $58.95 each regardless of volume purchased.

4ftx24” Rectangle Plastic Folding Table

4ft x 24in Rectangle Plastic Folding Table on Sale
On Sale for $36.95 each.

Solid wood harvest table
Harvest Table on Sale
On Sale for $449.99

We also have provided deeper discounts on the following porcelain products:

A1902B - Quadrato 11.25" Square Charger Plate - Black
Square Black Charger Plate on Sale
Originally $11.49 and now marked down to $2.91.

A0400 – 13” Wavy Platter
13in Wavy Platter on Sale
Originally $13.28 and now marked down to $3.91.

A1837 - 15" Triangle Plate
15in Triangle Platter on Sale
Originally $9.19 and now marked down to $2.91.

A1235 - 22" Oval Fish Platter
22in Oval Fish Platter on Sale
Originally $24.20 and now marked down to $4.91.

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Infographic: Creative Marketing for Food Trucks

Creative Marketing for Food Trucks

Food trucks are a fantastic way to add another revenue stream to your restaurant or catering company. They’re not only a great way of spreading the word around your town / city about your business but they are also portable – meaning they can travel to event locations taking advantage of sporting event crowds, festivals and even the downtown lunch rush. With the rise in popularity of food trucks, having some marketing techniques in your back pocket could give your company an edge on the rising competition. Check out this infographic to get real life marketing techniques to easily implement for your food truck.

Forks Up for Food Trucks! 11 Creative Marketing Campaigns for New Truckers

From Visually.

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