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Where to Buy Event Tables in Bulk

Party Rental Companies, banquet halls, convention centres and hotels all need a large number (at least 10-12 event tables to have a 100 person event) of event tables in order to seat corporate events, conferences, and weddings. There are definitely table manufacturers out there that can custom make folding tables for you – but there are also event table suppliers out there that specialize in keeping stock for organizations buying event tables in bulk. Here are some of the companies you can turn to:

P.R.E. Sales – Based in California, P.R.E Sales Inc is a direct importer and distributor of high quality folding tables. Similar to our philosophy, PRE Sales believes in rigorous testing both in factory and in-house to ensure their products are durable and high quality for the rental industry.

McCourt Manufacturing – Based in Arkansas, McCourt Manufacturing both manufacturers and stocks plastic and wood event tables for a variety of organizations. They specialize in manufacturing high quality event folding tables and take pride in having manufacturing based in the USA.

Palmer Snyder – Based in Wisconsin with its factory in Pennsylvania, Palmer Snyder is an American manufacturer and distributor of commercial portable furniture, specializing in products that excel in portability, stackability and storability.

MityLite - MityLite is a global manufacturer of professionally designed, highly durable furniture products. They have been manufacturing meeting, event, and banquet furniture for 25 years. They tend to be the most costly supplier on this list – with the durability to back the price.

At National Event Supply we pride ourselves in sourcing quality durable event tables that companies can buy in bulk at a moment’s notice. We visit our factories on a semi-annual basis and do in-house testing on event tables to ensure our products will hold up to the rigors of the event industry. With warehouses in Vancouver, BC and Mississauga, ON we routinely ship coast to coast across Canada and believe in having responsive customer service so the customer leaves happy.

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What Size Table Skirt Fits a Folding Table

Table skirts are a fantastic way to provide a streamlined approach to your buffet tables, event registration tables or trade show booth. They’re perfect for providing ample coverage so you can store items under the table you need – while still allowing you to provide a sleek, finished event. When you want to outfit your folding event tables with table skirting how can you figure out what size table skirt you need if you don’t already know? Here’s the guidelines below:

4ft rectangle table

Most 4ft rectangle tables are 4ft by 30 inches wide therefore to ensure you have the proper amount of skirting you need a 13ft long tableskirt (at least). How did I get that number? Side 1 is 48 inches, side 2 is 30 inches, side 3 is 48 inches and side 4 is 30 inches. 48+48+30+30 = 156 inches / 12 inches per foot = 13 feet

4ft Rectangle Table Sides

6ft rectangle table

Most 6ft rectangle tables are 6ft by 30 inches wide therefore to ensure you have the proper amount of skirting for ample coverage you need a tableskirt that is at least 17ft long.

8ft rectangle table

Most 8ft rectangle tables are 8ft by 30 inches wide therefore to ensure you have the proper amount of skirting to cover your entire table you need a tableskirt that is at least 21 ft long.

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